martes, 27 de junio de 2006

World Cup tainted?

Italy 1 - Australia 0

This is by far the most unfair result of all the World Cup. This World cup is tainted, from the first kick off, the only winner here is FIFA, and some well paid referees. Money, this cup is not about football anymore, its about money. A shame. I no longer care who wins, because it's not going to be a fair champion, I'm sure of that. This world cup is over for me.

domingo, 25 de junio de 2006

round of 16

Today begins the round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup!

49 24 June 2006 Munich --> GER:SWE
50 24 June 2006 Leipzig --> ARG:MEX (OMG!)
51 25 June 2006 Stuttgart --> ENG:ECU
52 25 June 2006 Nuremberg --> POR:NED
53 26 June 2006 Kaiserslautern --> ITA:AUS
54 26 June 2006 Cologne --> SUI:UKR
55 27 June 2006 Dortmund --> BRA:GHA
56 27 June 2006 Hanover --> ESP:FRA

sábado, 24 de junio de 2006


Sometimes life can be so empty... Sometimes loneliness can be so heavy... Sometimes we are waiting and waiting for the right one to come and we waste our life... our youth... our hopes... All of a sudden, in a blink of life, you get to realize that you have no one to talk to... to hold to... to love...

Loneliness is the only disease that can be cured by adding two or more cases together. That is the nature of my life, that is that feeling of not being chosen, of being ignored, of being left alone in the darkness of loneliness. Should I spend my life in solitude? Should I live in books of fantasy? Should I dream and live in my dreams? Can the ethereal world of dreams and fantasy hold me and feed my soul? No one wants a dreamer...

But I shall reamin a dreamer, if no one real comes to join me in my dreams y shall find someone in my dreams that will be with me, and in loneliness I shall thrive.

Hola a todos, hoy empiezo este blog, y espero mantenerlo activo. Gracias por leer y cualquier cosa dejen sus comentarios.


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