sábado, 5 de agosto de 2006

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

Hope... I heard a lot about hope. Some say that hope gives us the strength to keep going, that hope is the only thing that you must never loose. I heard that hope is the feeling that you will succeed tomorrow in what you failed today. I believe hope is an illusion, a concept created to make people feel better when they are in despair. It is a psychological state of mind. Hope gives you son impulse, hope can give you strength, but a man can’t live with hope alone. It’s good to have some hope sometimes, but there is people that rely on hope every day, every minute. I believe that is wrong. I consider myself a dreamer, but being a dreamer in this world has only brought me suffering and loneliness. So I saw that I lived only with hope, but every time I had hope, I was disappointed in the end. For me hope is now forbidden. I will not rely on hope anymore, ever. Hope never dies? HA! I just killed it. I will rely on intelligence and hard work. Dreams… I don’t know… I’ve been a dreamer all my life… it is a part of me that I may never change. But dreams will never drive me anymore. I will set clear objectives for myself. I may never have hope again; I may never hope something happens anymore, who knows… I don’t’ know. Maybe next week I’m back to normal.

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GmmG dijo...

Here is a def. of hope i find:

hope, noun:
the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled; "in spite of his troubles he never gave up hope"

So hope is built over desire. And desire is always present, everybody desire something. But if you want to kill hope, or trying to, you are saying that you will leave all the attempts to fulfill your desires. So if you reject hope, you will never fulfill what you want.

So don't renounce of hope, just do what you have to do to achieve your goals!. If you hope, but do nothing, you will get frustrated. But if you hope and do what is needed to succeed, you will be gratified!

Its not that you are wrong, its just that you are looking the wrong side of the dice!

Good luck, and good hope!

Tracy dijo...

I guess you could say that birth is the first step on the road to disappointment.

Hope is essential.

AK dijo...

I wrote a poem on hope, and afterwards came across your post, and thought about changing it but haven't. But I'd like to hear your comments and whether you agree or disagree etc.

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