viernes, 28 de julio de 2006

Blessed be Coffee!

Coffee… I love it… I can’t live without it. And not many people can. Coffee is the second most commonly traded commodity in the world. I wonder what would happen to the world if one day ALL coffee disappears in an instant. It would be chaos! But I'm getting too apocalyptic here. Coffee is my fuel; I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn't drink a cup a few minutes before.

There are also some studies that say that coffee is good for your health in moderated quantities. My mom and I suffer from migraines, if we don’t drink at least 1 cup a day, we are doomed to headache. There are also some studies that say that decaf coffee is dangerous to your health, that it can cause cancer. But all those studies have mixed results and there are not any conclusive results.

What matters to me is that I like coffee, I drink it in like 20 different ways, I enjoy it and that is what matters to me.

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