domingo, 2 de julio de 2006

Zidane... the return

Well, I've said that I wouldn't watch the World Cup anymore, but I couldn't resist... the quarter finals were amazing, but there, the last match, France vs. Brazil, there is another deficient referee. Medina Cantalejo, the very same referee that helped Italy beat the Australians. Why FIFA assigns him another match after what he did in the Italy-Australia match? I don't know0. Well I hope we have good referees for the remaining 4 matches coming.

About Brazil. Everyone was saying Brazil will be the champion. Everyone loved Ronaldinho because he played very nice football, and everyone’s favorite was Brazil. Why? I think that happens with big teams. They get fans easily; fans say “I support Brazil” just because they know is the strongest team (except Brazilians of course, the love their football and that’s ok). Well it seems it wasn’t after all the strongest team. Why I say this? Because here in my country, people wanted Brazil or Argentina to be champions not because they were South American teams, no, no, no; the real reason is because they want an easier qualification road for the next World cup. That is disgusting. They want someone to win to have the task easier. Always looking for the easier path. Well I think that if the Peruvian team would have reached this World Cup, they would have been pathetic.

Now, talking about real football. Today was amazing. Portugal and England gave us a very nice match, well done England, you could have done better, but you exceeded the expectations of many. Portugal did great. Figo did great and C. Ronaldo did great as well. Well done Ricardo, you are their hero. But watch out, France is coming after defeating Brazil, not a small thing. What an amazing match these two gave us. They player fairly and none of the players looked for help from the referee (shame on you Italy). Zidane was amazing. You are the Maradona of France (but a better person of course) I wonder if some years from now a statue of Zidane will stand in Paris?

Now the semi-finals are coming with the best 3 teams of the world right now and Italy. Will a referee help Italy again?

Good luck and may the best win!

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