jueves, 7 de setiembre de 2006

Dreaming of the future

Dreaming of the future, the near future, my near future... I've been dreaming lately about waking up in Australia and feeling disoriented; to go to an unknown country, to breath new air, to know new people, to adapt to a new environment. Its a big deal, and my mind is racing all the time about my future travel to the land of kangaroos, koalas and (R.I.P.).

My decision is made; I will hopefully begin my postgraduate program in the University of Queensland early next year. It is still some months away, but my mindis already there.

Changes are coming fast to my life. The come with fear and excitement, with hope and anxiety.

I'm already missing my family and my friends here in Perú, I was supposed to go to Australia with some of them, but in the end I will go alone; And with that fear and anxiety grow bigger.

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